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Open Trip Labengki Island


01. Kampung Masyarakat Bajo
02. Pool cave
03. Lighthouse tower
04. Koko Island
05. Puncak Kayangan
06. Pulau Mbokita
07. View Raja ampat
08. Bay of love
09. Long sand
10. Tukokuley Island
11. Laguna spot


1. Transportation from Airport (PP)
2. Transportation
3. Eat during the trip
4. Entrance Ticket
5. Accommodation (Homestay)
6. Local Guide

Not included :

1. Personal Expenses
2. Snorkling Tool


Day 1
All Participants arrive at Haluoleo Kendari Airport at 07.00 Wita and continue the land journey to laimeo village, the journey is over 2 hours 30 minutes, during this trip allows us to lunch on land, after arriving at Laimeo Village pier we cross the sea by ship Wood, sea journey we travel 1 hour 30 minutes, after we get a small labengki (kampung bajo) we chek in homestay, then we explore Beach Pasir Panjang, the afternoon we are istrahat

Day 2
At 05:00 we Pursued the sunrise of small labengki by visiting Menara lighthouse small labengki, after that breakfast. At 07:30 We explore sombori, with the main target destination, Koko Island (Cliffs), Puncak Kayangan, Mbokita Island, Diamond Cave, Grandmother's House, and back to Labengki, Homestay (istrahat)

Day 3
At 05:00 we pursue a small sunrise by visiting the small lighthouse tower tower, then breakfast, Next Explore Lagelo Bay lagoon (tentative), Laguna 1, Laguna 2, and Back to Homestay, Packing Goods and Chek Out from Homestay, before Behind us let us take pictures at the top view of Raja ampat labengki, and bay of love, then back to kendari

Interested? Please contact us (No. WA 0812-4396-1919 - fast respon)