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How to get to labengki island

I purposely made this post, because of some of my writings about the island of Labengki get a lot of responses, with many questions through the Facebook inbox and sms. I give information access to this labengki based on our habit of doing trip.

Geographically the island of Labengki is in coordinates 3 ° 28'8.93 "S and 122 ° 26'7.33" E or if from kendari labengki located in the northern city of Kendari. 

To get to the island of Labengki, you can go through 3 places, that is from kendari, sawa village, or lasolo. From these 3 accesses, it is not a common point, that is, the path to labengki is not like the other islands, which are 24 hours standby and operate daily.

Kendari - Labengki

If going to the island of labengki you have to find your own boat according to your team load. The advantages if departing from kendari, you can choose the ship as needed and harganyapun can dikondisikan. 

Usually if I go through via kendari must rent a large ship, with a capacity of 60 people, let me pay cheaper if in for 60 people. Ship prices with a maximum capacity of 60 people can be up to 8 million for 3 days 2 nights, and 5 million for 2 days 1 night. Star from kendari port, travel time can be up to 5 hours with a distance of 70 KM.

There are ships that price 3 millions from kendari and can be taken for 3 hours more, only the capacity of the ship only up to 15 people and the size of the ship is very small, certainly not stable in transit.

Lasolo - Labengki

Another case with access through from lasolo precisely dipelabuhan POLIARUT, can be reached for 2 hours with a distance of 34 KM. But if you from kendari you have to lasolo with time 2 hours. The ship price is 1.5 million count a day.

Sawa - labengki

Of all access, the path from this sawa is the best path according to sy. We can benefit from time efficiency. From kendari to the village can be sawa for more than 1 hour. From sawa to labengki can be taken for 1 - 2 hours. It all depends on the speed of the ship and the weather. Price of the vessel berpariasi, according to its capacity.

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